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31. Humble Note

Tronald Dump

In light of some events this year, the American election being the most recent one, I feel prompted to comment on what’s happening in the world. Albeit from my own, somewhat insular, perspective.

If there were any illusions of decency left regarding the state world politics they surely must have dissipated by now. Mainstream outlets seem to echo this view to varying degrees.

We live in a world where a lot of major players seem to have succumbed to blunt jingoism. Not only behind locked doors, but publicly, ingraining it in state policy.

However, this also implies that the state of world politics isn’t as static as certain observers previously thought. So we’re obviously not at the end of history.

But if Trump, and his European counterparts, prove to be something like “western Putinists” we might be entering a different era altogether. That in turn might lend some credence to the realist view of international relations. Even in the eyes of the public.

That we somehow are resigned to live in cold world of state power-relations coupled with whole-sale capitalism and crass nationalism [1][2]. I’m not convinced that another Clinton-era would have led to a much more humane world though.

On the other hand I see some negating tendencies: the Internet and technology, protests and solidarity, progressive/radical organization and in this some seeds of an internationalist world. The relatively broad consensus regarding climate change is another promising tendency.

Ultimately I think it is in these areas you’ll see any prospect of change. Not somewhere else, wherever you might deem that to be.

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